Jewish Converts

Lena Romanoff
Lena Romanoff is the Founder and Director of the Jewish Converts & Interfaith Network, an organization for Jews by Choice and for those involved in an interfaith relationship. She counsels people who may be contemplating conversion as well as interfaith couples and their families. She has organized numerous conferences and workshops on conversion, intermarriage, and interdating. She lectures widely on these topics and has appeared on many radio and television programs.

In response to the demand of interfaith parents seeking guidance concerning the formation of the religious identity of their children, Lena Romanoff produced the educational and motivational video entitled, "Who Am I?" This video deals with intermarriage from the child's perspective. Ms. Romanoff is also the author of the book, Your People My People - Finding Acceptance and Fulfillment as a Jew by Choice, published by the Jewish Publication Society.

Lena Romanoff earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Pennsylvania and received her CDA in early childhood education. She underwent orthodox conversion in 1973. Currently, she is on the advisory committee board of Faithways, an interfaith family support network, and serves on numerous other Jewish, interfaith and communal boards. Each month she facilitates the Keruv support group for interfaith couples at Adath Israel synagogue. Ms. Romanoff is also a member of the Penn Valley Civic Association, a former Officer of the Penn Valley Garden Club and a blue ribbon winner at the annual Philadelphia Flower Show. In 1995 she was the recipient of the Tikkun Olam award. Ms. Romanoff is married to Dr. David Romanoff, a prominent local internist. She resides in Penn Valley with her husband and three sons.

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